Thanks Teacher: What to Write on a Card to Thank Your Teacher

06 Aug

Think about it: Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. Without teachers, what would any of us be able to accomplish?


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Sincerest Condolences: What to Write on a Condolence Card

05 Aug

Not surprisingly, the passing of a family member or close friend rank among the most stressful life events.

If you know someone who’s experienced

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What to Write for the Perfect “Thanks Coach!” Card

28 Jul

As a youth, your coach is more than just a mentor.

In fact, 96% of young people admit their coach plays a vital role in

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Contactless Group Gifting

20 Jul

How do you organise a beautifully packaged gift from the gang – contactlessly?

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Gift Ideas For Him

20 Jul

What do you give a man?
And how do you organise it so it’s contactless?
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Best Farewell Gift Ideas

16 Jul

 Not sure what to give?
Here’s a range of stylish, fresh ideas sure to be treasured.

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What to Write on a Farewell Card

16 Jul

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Inspo to celebrate with your friends during #iso

07 Apr

Seeing as the entire world seems to be turned upside down, here are a few suggestions to keep you and your friends happy during lockdoen.… Continue Reading.. →

6 ways to help a friend in need this Christmas

02 Dec

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