Best Farewell Gift Ideas

16 Jul

 Not sure what to give?
Here’s a range of stylish, fresh ideas sure to be treasured.

(And if you need help organising everyone to chip Continue Reading.. →

What to Write on a Farewell Card

16 Jul

You’ve found the perfect farewell gift for your colleague. The party plans are in place and everyone is invited (if that’s allowed in Covid times). Continue Reading.. →

Inspo to celebrate with your friends during #iso

07 Apr

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6 ways to help a friend in need this Christmas

02 Dec

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Organising a hassle free group gift for the teacher!

28 Nov

So, you’re a nice parent. You want to show your gratitude. After all, that teacher has looked after your precious child all year! But you’re … Continue Reading.. →

Easy ways to reduce waste.

25 Sep

How do you continue the good vibe of the Climate March in a way that’s meaningful but manageable
(ie without … Continue Reading.. →

BEST Big Oh! birthday gifts for HER from the gang

20 Sep

Want something that she really loves? It’s hard! You don’t want to give a pair of expensive earrings that she has to fake love. EEK! … Continue Reading.. →

Research Reveals the Gifts People Really Want!

27 Jun

Scratching your head about what gift to give child’s coach, farewell for co-worker, friends birthday? Don’t know what they’d like? You’re right it can actually … Continue Reading.. →

Coach Gift Ideas. How much? What gift? How??

07 Jun

Coach gift ideas can be tricky because no coach will say that they want a present; but if they did a great job with your … Continue Reading.. →