Our Startup Hacks

30 Sep


It’s like jumping out of the plane and hoping you’ll build the parachute before hitting the ground.

We thought we’d build this website app and Continue Reading.. →

Ode to Ironing – F*** Off :)

26 Sep

clothespegsGroupTogether Life Hacks

Kiss Ironing goodbye

A good friend of mine, recently wrote me a poem about how a life hack that I had passed … Continue Reading.. →

Making a difference the Kids Giving Back Way

13 Sep

Our favourite blogs to write are those that deal with the social impact that businesses are making in our community. But the task becomes even … Continue Reading.. →

Gift Giving Dilemma #2: Help! I lost the cards that came with the gifts

06 Sep

Julie & Ali

The etiquette of gift giving; a blog by Julie & Ali

Welcome to our second blog on gift-giving dilemmas. Since we launched GroupTogether.com, we’ve … Continue Reading.. →

#Mumhacks: our favourite tech hacks for the busy mum

01 Sep

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. What with juggling 24744859595 billion things, it can actually be nice to use technology to help you out. … Continue Reading.. →